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Get Surrogacy In India - Without Any Hassles Whatsoever

‘When The World Says “Give Up”, Hope Whispers, “One More Time”

Trust Gynaecare Clinic to take up the role of Hope itself, to help you experience the bliss of parenthood via surrogacy. Even if your medical fertility level is not favorable, you will not miss out on the excitements of raising a baby.

Surrogacy In India – Rendered Easy By Gynaecare

Established as the brain-child of Dr. Abhishek Daga, our co-founder and resident medical practitioner, Gynaecare brings to you the option to avail of expert surrogacy services, without any potential risks. Each surrogate mother who gets in touch with us is medically examined (DNA tests are also conducted) – so that you get a hale and hearty baby.
Ladies between the age of 21 and 34 are selected as surrogate mothers. Since females are typically at the height of their fertility during this phase, there are practically no chances of complications cropping up during the surrogacy process.

Detailed Sperm and Egg Tests

The experts at Gynaecare always emphasize the importance of the surrogate baby having biological relationships with either you or your partner. Depending on whether the male or the female partner takes up this mantle (that would depend on their respective fertility levels), we conduct in-depth clinical tests of the donated sperms or the eggs. If any problem is diagnosed, which can lead to problems during childbirth – you will be informed about it immediately.

Mental Preparation For Surrogacy

Surrogacy in India is, relatively speaking, still a rather new concept. Many couples take time to adjust their mindsets from wishing to ‘conceive a baby’, to try to ‘make a baby’ – with the help of a surrogate partner. Our sexology experts and gynecologists organize regular counseling sessions, so that you can bridge this mental gap with absolute ease. After all, a baby by surrogacy is every bit as precious as one from normal delivery!

When You Contact Gynaecare For Surrogacy Services, You Get More:

The surrogacy services provided by Gynaecare are in complete conformity with the directives specified by the National Home Ministry. Get in touch with us – and prevent medical worries from standing in your way of becoming a father/mother.
After all, every couple wants to become parents, right?